Uthango ludla amakhomane

Kutshiwo nxa umuntu omele alondoloze abantu sekunguye obahlukumezayo

English Literal Equivalent: The fence is eating the marrows

English Meaning: This is said when the person in authority is illegally taking advantage of those under his care.

Context: In African subsistence farming, the fence is used to protect the crops from the animals and to some extent from other people. However vines of marrows and other pumpkins tend to extend over the fence. Once the vines extend over the fence, they may produce fruits, which fruits will be exposed to the very elements from which the fence was meant to protect. When marrows extending over the fence are either eaten by the animals or stolen by a passerby, it appears as if the fence has consumed the marrows since the farmer would see the fruits on the fence today and the following day they would have disappeared. This is therefore a figurative statement referring to the abuse of authority.

Application: The proverb is used to warn those people who are involved in abuse of office or positions of leadership. It is a warning that when you take advantage of the people you are supposed to protect then nothing good can come from it.


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